So we’re low on funds this year, won’t let that stop me from crafting a present :)

Made this jar for my honey for our 1 year wedding anniversary next month - since that’s supposed to be a paper gift I collaged this jar with his favorite color and WOW faction symbols plus a little binary code heart at the bottom. I made cards that I’ll write a little note on describing reasons why I love him.

I’m fairly sure this tips the cheesy factor fairly far off the scale but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Riiiiiight?!

Day 1 of my Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden :) I’ll try and do at least one a week.

Basil - mini tomato - chili pepper

Her smile was shy and sweet. A lovely girl, thought Tyrion, and a kinder fate than my nephew deserves.


Fun Flocking Powder Manicure Nail Art Review from the Born Pretty Store w/ Cookie Monster Nail Art

I got the lovely opportunity to try the velvet nail art kit from the Born Pretty Store and I was even more excited because a follower requested it.

The Kit includes:

  • Flat Head Tweezers
  • Short Flat Brush
  • Plastic Jar with Flocking Powder

The website includes instructions on how to apply the product. 


  • The package arrived safely and within two weeks, so not too long of a wait time. 
  • The tweezers I received arrived bent. This did not affect the item itself, but just something I noticed.
  • The plastic jar in which the flocking powder is held had a crack running down the side. This and the bent tweezer were probable caused during shipping. 

I followed instructions given on the website.  I used China Glaze Splish Splash as my base color because it best match the color of the powder. when I applied the product and some interesting things happened during application.

  • bald patches 
  • heavy patches due to attempt to repair bald patches
  • uneven

Although most of the unevenness was not noticeable from normal viewing distance.

Once everything was dry, I brush the excess off and when about my business.

No worries about washing your hand or taking a shower because the fuzz dries very quickly with no ill affects. It wears about 3 days with only tip wear from the polish showing. 

Although I doubt most anyone would wear this for more than a day or two due to just the novelty of the product. 

I would rate this product 7.5/10 due difficulties in getting an even application of the product across all nails. 

You can buy the flocking velvet powder nail kit at the BornPrettyStore with my 10% coupon code GTBK31. You can get to the BornPrettyStore by just clicking the image. 

On a side note, my friends (including the guy friends) were mesmerized by my velvet nails and kept wanting to touch them. Hahaha

Day 1 of my Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden :) I’ll try and do at least one a week.

Basil - mini tomato - chili pepper


Dan Smith being a cutie in New York. (x)


The sweetest nail DIY you’ll ever try.